Species: Orcs

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Species: Orcs

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Name of Species: Orc or Orcish.

The Dark God of Destruction wished to play a part in the unfolding of the mortal realm without having to create a part of nature. He intended to copy the elven figures but due to his non-play in the creation, orcs turned out like this.

Orcs reproduce sexualy, considering Orc males are the most well equiped of all the species. Orcs reproduce like rabbits, only being beaten by the Sphinx reproductive system. Orcs can have up to ten children in ten years.

Orcs are large, bulky and ferocious in appearance, with skins of dark greens to greys, hair of the darkest hues, and faces so contorted with tusk from their bottom lips, and curved elven ears. Hideous, usualy but the females do have attractive qualities.

Orc culture is very primal and simple. Tribes are led by a War-chief, and his first wife, the Shaman. His next wife is the forge-wife, and his final wife is the Hunts-wife. Every Orc chieftan has sons and daughters, with few ever leaving.

Orcs can rarely practice magic, and when they do they are trained as shamans. Orcs are immense in strength, and brutality but their greatest feature is their many numbers.

Orcs are mostly stupid, unless taught or trained. Not too quick either. Orcs get no special powers.


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