Species: Sphinx.

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Species: Sphinx.

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Name of Species: Sphinx.

Origin: The Sphinx are a gift from Solis, the Sun God to his Mistress Pyra, Goddess of Fire. She adores cats and so he made them, to worship her along with himself and his wife.

Sphinx reproduce sexualy, and usualy have any where from 1 to 6 children in a litter. Males have barbed penises which is why most males and females prefer to use slaves or servants for intercourse. Except for reproduction.

Sphinx, too, appear mostly human with the exception of feline ears and a tail along with fur on both of those appendages. A Sphinx' fur color, and pattern is usualy decided by their genetics and heritage. This is in humanoid form. In feline form, sphinx' appear to be a large feline, larger than a lion, with the same fur colors and patterns as on their humanoid ears and tail.

Sphinx culture is very egyptian in appearance and asthetic. They live on a desert continent, filled with mines of gold, silvers, and other precious materials. Sphinx culture is highly focused on appearance, asthetic and appeal. The leader of the Sphinx is the Sphinx Pharohess, a young Sphinx of seventeen. Under the Pharohess, there are Kings/Queens {Rulers of whole regions.}, Duke/Dutchesses, {Rulers of a large city and the smaller ones around it.} Count/esses {Rulers of Smaller cities.} Lord/Ladies {Rulers of nothing but noble by blood.} Sphinx' value wealth, appearance, power, cunning, and wordplay. They are masters of riddles, questions, quizes, and deception.

Few Sphinx can use magic, and those who can arn't persecuted but instead brought to the temples to train, study, and grow as Mages, or Priest/esses. All Sphinx how ever have the born ability to turn into a large feline. The felines fur coat, pattern and colors are decided by heritage and bloodline, and in this form Sphinx' have even more increased agility, speed, reflexes, strength, and senses.

Sphinx absolutely hate canines and dogs, and will attack or stay away from one if confronted with one. Sphinx, by no means are wild cats and are very tame house cats usualy living in cities. Sphinx, dislike water but will use it to drink and bathe of course, so Sirens have a small advantage.


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