Character Bio: Amaranthia(Amara) Halsine Anora

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Character Bio: Amaranthia(Amara) Halsine Anora

Post by AnaEternal on Wed Dec 28, 2016 9:50 am

Name: Lady Amaranthia(Amara) Halsine Anora

Age: 3107
Visual Age: 31

Gender: Female

Species: High Elf

Hair color: Medium Brown

Eye color: Grey-Blue

Skin Color: Fair

Height: 6 feet even

Weight: 120 pounds

Build: Slim, tall, few curves

Powers/abilities/styles/gifts: Elemental(Dominion Nature), Unholy/Dark Magic practised in secret

Weapon(s): None

Rules over: City of Yvaril, Anora Manor

Birth allegiance: Royal/Noble Elves

Status: Lady Amaranthia of Yvaril

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Character Bio:
Childhood was spent in Kyler Manor with her older brother, Zalorn, and her mother and father. Her older brother eloped with a human woman, and ever since, Amara's parents were strict on her with rules and tradition. They kept a close eye on her until they were both killed. Before their death, Amara was forced to marry Tvorin and took his last name- Anora. As her brother had been cut off from the family, Amara inherited all property and land owned by her mother and father, including Kyler Manor which was renamed Anora Manor after her marriage. Here, Amara gave her husband a child out of duty to her family, a beautiful girl named Ryn. Amara ruled the estate however, as Tvorin was a humble, shy man and she was outgoing, passionate, and ruthless. She practised magic here, something her parents had frowned upon. She was a powerful sorceress, and with the help of some others, cast an enormous spell so that Yvaril and the neighboring Anora Manor, would stay in a perpetual Autumn. Despite how beautiful and entrancing her elemental magic was, Amara was quite malicious if need be. She was known for tough laws and punishments for criminals in Yvaril. Later in life, Amara was to order punishment against a powerful dark wizard who entered Yvaril and created havoic. Fascinated by his unholy powers, she ordered his death and began studying the dark arts. Eventually Amara took on a Mistress, a lovely young elf named Freyt. She treated the young elf with love and kindness, something she hardly showed to anyone. Even as her husband found out about this affair, Amara continued, finally secure that she found someone with whom she could share her heart.

Personality: Orderly, Just, Passionate, Cautious, Loyal, Ruthless, Strict

Alignment: Just Good

Strengths: Magic, Ruling, Order

Weaknesses: Following her heart, trusting others, working with others

Family: Tvorin Anora(Husband), Ryn Istone Anora(Daughter)

Partner: Freyt Cindel(Mistress)

Friends/relationships: Has a casual, nonsexual, nonromantic partnership with her arranged husband, Tvorin after the birth of her daughter, Ryn. Has an intimate, sexual, romantic relationship with her mistress, Freyt. Tvorin is aware of Amara's relationship with Freyt, but chooses not to say anything about it. Ryn is unaware.

Likes: Theater, painting, music, the arts, heavy reading and studying, magic, family

Dislikes: Politics, her own sexuality at times

Fears: Letting go of herself, Letting go of the past


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