Character Bio: Altrus Voltarian

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Character Bio: Altrus Voltarian

Post by Abholos on Tue Dec 27, 2016 8:35 pm

Full name: Altrus Voltarian

Species: Elf

Date of Birth: First Age year 1400

Physical Appearance: Altrus is a very large male, a tower of muscle and intense darkness due to how closely he follows the god of dark magic. His legs, arms, and chest are all muscled, with long jagged cut hair that stuck close to his head. His face is heavily scarred, with black cultist tattoos that only the followers of Daravak could have.

Height: 6’7’’

Weight: 320

Shape:He is muscled with a combination of muscle mass and lean muscles so the balance is kept and the muscle use stays consistent and equal at all times.

Eye Color: Lavender

Hair color: Dark grey

Skin tone: Well tanned from all the time he spends in the sun and with nature as he explores

Overview: Altrus is rather imposing when he is stumbled upon, not just for the muscles, but the set of armor he had on most of the time and its bull horn like helmet that seemed to tipped with blood. The horns curve down his head, the tips ending right next to his cheeks. If he was less violent and imposing, he would be considered attractive.

Skills/Abilities:By channeling his gods wrath through his body he can use all manners of dark magic that evoke the power of not just shadows, but the primordial darkness in the universe around him. He evokes the occult for use in combat.

Combat: Altrus is very violent and relentless when he attacks the enemies that he has targeted, hardly able to be pushed back or properly damaged unless the person he is fighting against is closer to his skill level.

Etiquette:As an elf that was once a member of a major elf city, he has manners that would fit the proper elves in that area, and him leaving said city did not change that. It surprises some people due to him being a cultist.


Childhood: From an early age, Altrus was more into dark power and occult beings than anyone else his age, sneaking places to find and read books that were considered taboo due to most following only the good gods, and he learned a deep seated interest in what shouldnt be in the world, or at least by most standards. He prefered being alone than with others, being a rather shy child that couldnt associate with people easily.

Teen-Years: As he grew, he got more and more social, growing his charisma and ability to manipulate others around him. Eventually, this allowed him to form a group to serve the god of dark magic and knowledge, people who shared his interest in the occult and in dark power that could shake the earth with its force. He was soon chosen by the dark god once he defected from his home because the only gods that were allowed to be served were the good gods. He traveled across the land as he defected, making his own keep deep into the wilderness and creating the iconic armor he wears. Being forced from his home caused him to have a deep seated hatred for others of his kind, especially the kinds that lived in the place where he once did. He began to lose his care for being social.

Adult years: Upon reaching Adulthood, he was chosen as a mighty champion by Daravak to further the interest of the god, a title that he was ready for from a young age, though the power he was able to use now would have torn his body apart as a child or a teenager. He got colder as he grew, able to kill others with less and less care for how he was killing and becoming dark and gruesome. He rarely showed emotion at this point, let alone took off the helmet he wore and the armor that his cult wore. Others got used to only being able to see his dark eyes glinting from the holes in the helmet.

Morality: In 1883, Friedrich Nietzsche published a book called Also Sprach Zarathustra in which he elaborated his ethical ideal, the Übermensch. The name came from the concept about ordinary humanity believing there would be no morals or reasons to live if there was no Other to define morality and reason. Transcending this illusion makes one an "over-man".
This was a person, or for us, a character, who rejects the norms of society and lives by his own moral code.


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