Species: Sirens

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Species: Sirens

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Name of Species: Sirens

Origin: The God of Waters/Emotions wished for a way to appease his Wife, the Goddess of Skies/Knowledge. He assumed music would do so, since she enjoyed creating things with her ideas, and so he made the sirens to sing and praise her, and him. It worked.

Sirens do not reproduce sexualy, and instead lay eggs. The female will bare eggs, and lay them, usualy keeping them in her home and she'll wait for a male, preferably her husband to come and fertalize them. On land how ever, they can be sexualy active but have no ovaries, so no chance of pregnancy.

Sirens appear at most, human like with the exceptions of a tail, and other appendages such as fins on the fore-arm and spine, and perhaps on the face near their gills. Sirens have odd colored hair, ranging from the normal blondes, and reds to crimson, green, blues, etc. When they walk on land, they gain legs and lose their tail and extras but they still keep their colored scales around their eyes and gills, which appears to be eye-shadow . Sirens will retain this appearance unless they forgo salt-water for a long period of time, then they will lose their abilities and appear human.

Siren culture is based around arts, crafts, and creativity. The Sirens are ruled by a Noble court of a chosen King and Queen, and their few Dutchesses/Dukes which rule over the under-sea regions. Sirens are usualy independant but highly social.

Sirens cannot practice magic, but some can be gifted with Air or water elementalism, or both. All Sirens have control over water in small or large ammounts depending on training and skill. Sirens specialty though is their vocal glamours. Their voices sway, soothe, and seemingly control other mortal species.

Sirens are fast swimmers but on land they must go through a repetative ritual or habit to keep their sirenic powers and control/appearance. They must bathe in salt-water once or twice a day, and if they do not get exposure to salt water, then they will slowly turn human then die.


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