Species: Vampyres

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Species: Vampyres

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Name of Species: Vampyres.

In the beginning a mortal human Witch decided she did not want to die, and after years and years of study she found a way to fix it. Vampirism. It came at a terrible price, a blood price and weakness to sunlight.

All vampyres, can reproduce. Sexualy. Vampyres are known to be the best sexualy equiped, as well as sexualy adequate among the other races. Besides orcs of course.

All Vampyres have deathly pale skin, with eyes that glow and seemingly burn with light. Other than those traits, they have fangs varying in size. All Vampyres can appear different because they can be turned from a previous species, except for Fae. Born Vampyres, of course look like their parents.

Behaviour varies greatly between Vampyres; for the fact that they can come from completely different backgrounds. The wealthy and aristocratic Vampyres place value upon status and ranks; they often bite people and force them to be their slaves through the unbreakable loyalty which comes from being transformed. The lower ranked made Vampyres often serve their master or mistress till the day one of them dies and sometimes even beyond death.Vampyres are well hidden among all the species, and often keep secretive. While they do so, they still have a monarchy. Every continent has a Vampyre King or Queen, which has Nobles such as Dutchesses/Dukes, Count/esses, Lord/Ladies, etc.

All Vampires have enhanced senses over a human; such as strength, speed and endurance as well as better eye sight and hearing. They are physically stronger when it comes to taking hits and standing their ground when a gust of wind comes at them.

Blood loss and starvation are a threat to all breeds of Vampires as well as some diseases, though they have an exceptionally good immune system. They cannot be in sunlight at all as they will burst into flames and perish, they may remain indoors and active during daylight hours but they cannot be outside. Made Vampires are extremely loyal to their Mortal Vampire makers to the point where it is not only hard, but almost impossible, to turn against them.

Types of Vampyres:
Mortal Vampyres:
These Vampires are born like mortal humans; in the sense that when a vampire (either made or mortal) becomes pregnant the offspring will always be a mortal vampire. They age much slower than humans at a rate of ten human years for each year of their vampire life; however they reach an adult human state at around 16 months of age but are not considered to be a “mature” vampire until they reach 160 years of age. The bite of a mortal vampire can transform some other species into vampires; resulting in them becoming bonded to their maker.

Unique Powers: A mature mortal vampire can have up to three talents, all of which are usually inherited from their parents. As previously mentioned, a mortal vampire reaches their mature state at 160 human years of age. The following talents are able to be learned by this breed: Telepathy, Possession, Telekinesis, Elemental Manipulation (one element only), and Transfiguration (into one single form, usually a rodent or bird). They have far superior senses such as strength, speed, and stamina in comparison to humans.

Made Vampyres:
A made Vampire is a member of a different species who was bitten by a mortal Vampire and thus were "transformed" into a Vampire themselves. They do not age past their turning date, making them immortal. Their offspring are always mortal Vampires. When they are turned they retain a small amount of their previous species (for example any extra body parts such as elven ears), but they lose all of the powers which came from their previous species, as well as the nature of their previous species (for example a Fae who was a trickster due to being a Fae will no longer be a trickster).

Unique Powers: They have superior senses such as strength, speed, and stamina in comparison to humans. They don’t need to sleep and they don’t require air to survive. Their skin is nearly impenetrable. Humans tend to find them irresistible and they can be glamoured into doing a Made Vampire’s bidding. They heal quickly and as a result of this it is much harder to kill a Made Vampire as opposed to killing a human.

Special Relationships:

Fae and Vampyres: Fae blood is intoxicating to vampyres, and highly addictive. The Fae are distrusting of Vampyres for this reason.

All species besides Fae, doubt they even exist.


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