Species: Fae or Faeries.

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Species: Fae or Faeries.

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Name of Species: Fae or Faeries.

Long ago, the Fae were the first-born of the Almar. The original creatures of sentience on Carorum and Almari. They were and are perfect creatures of nature and it's attributes. They were made to dwell freely, and wild like the primal folk they are.

Fae reproduce sexualy, but with a special ritual involved. When a Fae woman concieves, she must magicly create a seed from a bit of her essence, or blood. She pours the blood onto a plump, good plot of land and the blood seeps in, creating a life-tree. Each Fae is connected to a life-tree, and so long as the tree stands, the Fae is immortal. They may die, but they will respawn or regenerate at their tree. To kill the tree is to kill the Fae. The Tree, grows with the fae and vise-versa. Each tree is different depending on the personality of the Fae.

Fae come in many different variants or forms. Their wings, and wing pattern are inherited from their parents, varying only slightly if at all. Fae hairs come in all sorts of colors, listed here: Blondes, Brunettes, Reds, Whites, and silvers. Females are usualy short, curvy, and quite youthful in appearance. Males are taller but with either thinner or more muscular builds, and male wings tend to be less sparkly. Male and Female Fae are known for their accidental seduction skills.

Fae culture is highly anti-social and reclusive. Fae usualy spend their days in the woods or forest of the realm, frolicing in plains or fading through bushes and trees. The Fae have a Monarchy, ruled by the Fae King and Queen, the Eldest two who planted the Garden of 100 Seeds. The Royalty hardly has a court, and don't do much unless the Fae need a leader or someone to look up to. Fae them selves arn't that bright or intelligent, and instead enjoy their days in nature often playing tricks. Fae are tricksters by nature; but their pranks are generally harmless fun as opposed to being malevolent in nature. They do, however, have a preoccupation with the offspring of other species and will attempt to kidnap them when they are babies. They often leave what is known as a changeling in place of the child, which is simply a baby fae. It is unclear why they do this; though it was originally thought to be so that their offspring could have a better life than they could provide. Their society is chaotic and poorly organized; often times inexistant as well.

Fae cannot cast sorceries, like the Elves and rare humans but they can control and commune with nature. Plants, animals, and minor elemental manipulations such as Hydromancy, and Aeromancy. All Fae have the ability to tap into natural magic and use it to perform rituals and create glamours. They mainly use nature based abilities, such as techniques to make flowers bloom and plants grow. Some Fae have been known to use minor elemental abilities to water their plants or even shake apples from trees. They can speak any language seemingly at will, sometimes without even knowing they are doing it. Fae can also perform limited shape shifting; they can decrease their size but this is always proportional. All Fae can fly provided they have not had their wings removed or badly damaged, and provided that it is not raining too heavily as their wings will not function properly when soaked. Some Fae possess some degree of precognition and take on professions as oracles, though this is incredibly rare.

All Fae have the same weakness. Iron is poisonous to Fae and may kill them if there is too much in their system; it can be passed into them by even the slightest touch. Their wings are extremely delicate and can tear very easily, causing them a great deal of pain; although they will not grow back once torn off, they can be reattached quickly or healed if torn.While they are not harmful to Fae, they can become distracted very easily by shiny and brightly colored objects.

Special Relationships:

Fae and Vampyres: Fae blood is intoxicating to vampyres, and highly addictive. The Fae are distrusting of Vampyres for this reason.

Fae and Elves: Fae recognize Elves as their respected friends due to the mutual love of Nature.

Fae and Humans: Fae remain distant from Humans due to their closed-mindedness.


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