Character Bio: Azara Sha'vros. {DrowDarkmaiden.}

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Character Bio: Azara Sha'vros. {DrowDarkmaiden.}

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Full name: Azara La'car de Sha'vros.

Species: Sphinx Pureblood.

Date of Birth/Age: Twenty six.

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'6".

Weight: 124lbs.

Shape: Curavcious, and plump. Physicaly appealing.

Eye color: Gold.

Hair color: Black.

Skin tone: Sandy tan.

Azara is the Sphinx definition of beauty and appearance. Usualy adorning herself in beautiful gowns, cosmetics, and the most...proper of attires and appearances. Exotic make-up and strange delicacies entice her.


Combat Abilties/Skills: Azara's only combat skills and abilities are her shifting, and her speed combined with her agility and the ability to efficiently weild a dagger. She is quick, agile, swift, and silent.

Social skills: Azara is a mistress of the social worlds, and mannerisms. Body language, words, communications, and interactions. From deception, to pursuasion to coercian, and admiration, her greatest weapon is her tounge and appearance.

Minor skills: Azara was taught how to pickpocket, pick locks, and infiltrate from a young age. Swift with hand, foot, and pick.


Childhood: Azara grew up low-class, in Pyria slums of Sil'khara, with her mother, and two older brothers. Her eldest brother provided for the family, by working with a small group of gangs or a mob/mafia. She how ever did not notice until a later age. As a child she was always scaring people, sketching, and helping her mother sew and design the clothes that they attempted to sell. The youngest brother died early due to the plauge, and as he helped distribute the clothes, Azara's mother had to quit, and they almost went broke until Azara reached her early teens.

Teen-years: Azara spoke to her eldest brother, and requested she join his Mob, or mafia. He had no say since he did not lead, but he did give her an audience with the leader, and the middle-aged man took a liking to the sphinx woman. He took her in, and began to teach her the trade. How to heel-to-toe, how to pick-locks. How to climb. How to fight swiftly, and most importantly: How to speak well, and how to lie. Azara grew up doing jobs, and missions for her gang. Most of which usualy involved theft, invasion, kidnapping, and robbing people but very seldom did she kill some one unless ordered to. She was reknowned for her ability to seduce and steal infront of the victim.

Adult years: After the Mob-boss, who also became her lover, had passed away he left her the mafia or underworld, and a his title, Lord/Lady or Li'ri/Li'ria of Sha'vra. A town he named after her. She took the town, and began to grow it into an enterprise, until she reached the age of twenty four. Then her empire was semi-complete when she gained the title of count/ess or Ci'rka. This was short lived, as she grew quicker, and at the same age she became a Dutchess or Pra'ala. A ruler of a region. The Gold dunes. Now she seeks to expand her empire more, a year later.


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