The Subject of Magic.

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The Subject of Magic.

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This Forum page is for all of you rare or common individuals, who can practice magic. These are the types of Magic, and catogarizations.

Elemental magic.
The department of Elemental magic focuses on the branches of magic which revolve around creating and manipulating the various elements.Major subjects, generally speaking, are taught over several years and at varying levels of difficulty depending on the age and talent of the student. It is common for a student to study several at an introductory level and then progress onto studying only one or two at an advanced level later on. Usually students graduate with a passing grade at least one type of major elemental magic at the most advanced level offered in the Academy. Less often students will graduate with two; three being exceptionally rare and four being unheard of. Minor classes are focused on more specific skills related to elemental magic and are generally much easier than a major study.

Major Elemental Magic

Hydrokinesis. Water manipulation magic.

Cryokinesis. Ice manipulation magic.

Pyrokinesis. Fire manipulation magic.

Geokinesis. Earth manipulation magic.

Aerokinesis. Air manipulation magic.

Electrokinesis. Electricity manipulation magic.

Minor Elemental Magic
Hydrokinesis subjects: Aquatic Adaption (underwater adaptation), Aquatic Respiration (breathing).

Cytokinesis: Frigokinesis (Snow).

Pyrokinesis: Geo-Thermokinesis (Lava), Plasmakinesis (plasma), Pyrotechnics (fireworks), Thermokinesis (heat).

Geokinesis: Crystallokinesis (minerals), Ferrokinesis (Metals), Golem craft, Halokinesis (Salt), Psammokinesis (Sand).

Aerokinesis: Lung Adaption.

Elecrokinesis: Activation & Deactivation.

Classical Magic
In this department you will find the 'old fashioned' magic which has slowly fallen out of favour due to elemental magic being the new thing with teenagers; but still holds an important role and offers a very broad range of subjects. Unlike the department of elemental studies, this department offers no minor subjects: it's go major or go home which often leads to a high fail rate.

Illusionary Magic: Including but not limited to; Invisibility, Illusive appearance, Psychosomatic
illusion, teleportation.

Abjuration: Healing magic, Protection magic.

Conjuration: Creation, summoning, teleportation.

Enchantment: Invocation (objects), Sympathy.

Witchcraft is a much slower yet more efficiant art of Magic in the world of Carorum, yet very few seem interested in it, due to its need for ingredients, or recipies, or tools. A few branches of Witchcraft are listed below.

Divination: Divination is the art of divining hidden or unknown knowledge be it past, present or future via tarot, scrying, or runes of any sort and many other ways.

Ritualism: Ritualism is the art of using symbols, layouts, altars, runes, or such to preform a ritual usualy consisting of a Witch in a natural setting.

____Mancies: The "mancies" are used to create, conjure and control certain things. Pyromancy, is to create mass fire, Hydromancy is to create and control waters, and so on.

Brew Magic: Brew magic usualy involves a cauldron, and ingredients used to effect areas, individuals, or such. Brew Magic often involves potions, poisons, toxins, and other magical effects or luquids.

Spiritualism: Spiritualism is the art of Witchcraft involved with Spirits, Demons, Celestials, Divines, and such in hopes to gain power, advise, wisdom, or aid of some sort and is similar to Necromancy, but usualy without the dreadful side of it all.


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