Character Bio: Ophelia Castallion

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Character Bio: Ophelia Castallion

Post by Generith on Fri Dec 30, 2016 5:55 pm

You are a slave to your desires and their reigns I hold.

Name: Ophelia Castallion

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Rank: Countess -- rules/governs a city

Height: 5''7

Weight: 60kg

Physical Appearance: Fair skin, raven hair, green eyes, slim yet athletic

Striking features: Choice of clothing: known to wear regal clothing, if not a tad revealing for the liking of the broader community.

Demeanor: Often mysterious, can be slightly sensual towards men, coy, also enjoys acting superior

- Runs the underground crime scene of Rosalea
- A band of mercenaries work for her
- Owns multiple brothels within Rosalea, who are one of her group of spies
- Her servants have her tongues cut
- Alliance with pirates
- Some swordsmanship skills
- Mastered archery

Backstory: Ophelia was born in a middle class family in Rosalea. Her upbringing was rather generic, but her parents were able to home school her. Unfortunately, Ophelia's family went into debt (the dealings between him and a mob boss didn't turn out too well), which led to them losing all their wealth as well as her father's life. Ophelia was nothing far from a fool. At first, adjusting to the poor life was difficult. The loss of her reputation was a blow too, but so was resorting to bin-hopping for food. Survival was imminent, though. So, from scouring in the wastes of others, she picked up the art of pick pocketing and eventually delved into scams, as well as bigger jobs. She learnt who to befriend and who to work for. Gradually, Ophelia made her way up, creating a business for herself and amounting wealth. However, she also slithered her way into the favour of the King: her services towards the Kingdom was little more than a good citizen front. Soon enough, when the previous Count of Rosalea died without a heir, she was granted his title.
Becoming the Countess of Rosalea led to a transformation. Not only did it attain her the role as the crime mistress, her wealth tripled, and the city prospered. Living standards increased, slums were improved, their exports increased, as well as their imports. Rosalea blossomed in a new age. Ophelia left her mark on the city by slowly rejuvenating run down areas and redesigning the city as a whole. As well as this, she created her own crest, a golden lion with a red rose growing out of its mouth, which became the sigil for the city.

City of Rosaleo

Rosaleo is located on the west of the continent. It's known for its crops, produce, and trade, as well as for its luxuries, fineries, and delicacies. The wealth of the city is primarily built on trade with other cities within Filindir. Its exports consist of primary and secondary goods, and its imports are primarily secondary goods from other cities. Rosaleo is a coastal city, and has grown up a hill which makes helps in clearly marking the districts. Generally, the city is split up into four sections. The central business district is focused around the ports, then comes the inner city where businesses and lower classed houses are situated. Next is where most middle income houses live -- around about here is where the entrance of the city is located. As well as this, the map of the city somewhat changes due to the hill: the middle income houses begin to centre around the base of the hill. The last district is located on the hill, and this is where the wealthy residents live. Oddly enough, most would expect the Countess' resident to be at the top of the hill, but this is not the case. Rather, it is located elsewhere, further down the hill and towards the coast, separated from the districts. Some refer to it as its own district. The only people allowed into the estate are workers (whom live on sight and are rarely seen) and any with business.

Unbeknownst to most, Rosalea -- whilst it seems like an innocent beautiful city -- actually houses an underground crime scene. From drugs, to black market selling, to prostitution, to piracy: any illegal activity occurs within this city. The leader of the underground scene is none other but Countess Ophelia Castallion herself.


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