The Almar {The Good Gods.}

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The Almar {The Good Gods.}

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In the Beginning there were twelve entities. The first of which was Solis, and he desired to make a world of beauty. So he did, with five others who willingly joined. Down below are the Six Almar, or Good Gods, and their descriptions.

Solis is the God of the Sun, and the Lord of Light, Mercy, Justice, Healing, and Rightousness. It was he who wished to create the world first, and his spark that let their be light and life. He is the Giver of Life, and maker of souls.

Lunir was the next to join Solis, and his plan. She is the Goddess of the Moon, and Lady of Darkness, Death, Mystery, Beauty, Elegance and Grace. It was she who decided all things should end, and made death. She is the wife of Solis. It is she who gave the mortals a voice and personalities.

Ivar is the God of Nature, and Lord of Plants, Animals, Hunting, Herbalism, and Peace. It was he who made all non-sentient mortals, and brought the crafts to the world. He is the Brother to Solis, and Avaria. It is he who gave the mortals Instinct and nature.

Tida is the God of Waters, and Lord of Emotions, Compassion, Feelings, and Inspirations. It was he who controled and made the oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes and it is he with his Wife Avaria, who controls and makes weather. He is husband to Avaria. It is he who gave the mortals, emotions and heart.

Avaria is the Goddess of Skies/Winds, and Lady of Knowledge, Wisdom, Magic, and Logic. It is she who gave Solis the space and room to create his world and its inhabitants. It is she who controls storms of Lightning, thunder, and winds. She is wife to Tida, and Lady-In-Waiting to Lunir. It is she who gave the mortals the mind and magic.

Pyra is the Goddess of Fires, and Lady of passions, sex, fury, and the body. It is she who gave Solis the power to harm with flame, and not just be light. She is the Mistress of solis, or was at least. It was she who gave mortals the flames inside them to drive them.


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