Character Bio ~ Adiv

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Character Bio ~ Adiv

Post by DementedSoul on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:42 pm

Full Name: Adiv Maraite

Species: Sphinx

Physical Appearance: Adiv has medium length creamy white fur. He tends to wear breathable clothing due to his easy overheating. He has dull-like grey eyes. There is an obvious patch of fur on the back of his neck that's shorter than the rest due to an incident.

Height: 5"4'

Weight: 115lbs

Shape: He has a bit of feminine shape on his waist down, and a bit of fat on his arms. His paws are a bit bigger than most. His legs are a bit chubby along with his lower paws/feet.

Eye color: Dull grey

Fur color: Creamy white

Skin tone: Creamy

Overview: Adiv was raised the same as every other average sphinx. His mother went on to learn the arts of being a mage, however, and so Adiv never saw her much. Adiv grew up studying quite a lot, and so is knowledgeable in quite a few fields, including magic, although he never dwelled into practicing, although the idea struck him a lot. Adiv's closest friend was a younger sphinx.

Skills/Abilities: Adiv is very intelligent, although this comes at the price of him not developing adequate social skills. As a result, he isn't very social unless approached first, although he may approach another Sphinx. He is also good in combat, although he wouldn't consider himself anywhere above an apprentice.

Etiquette: Adiv has basic manners, such as "Please" and "Thank you". Outside of that, though, he treats everyone the same. Literally everyone literally the same. This tends to get him in trouble with higher classes and nobles, since he doesn't believe in bowing or using terms such as "Yes, sir".


Childhood: Adiv was given average schooling, but didn't live the most average life. He was raised by both of his parents until the age of four, when his mother went to perfect her mage skills. This left only his father and him, and times got rough on occasion, although they somehow made it through. He made some friends, but they fell out as he got older. It wasn't until his late childhood years that he made a close friend, Tami. Around his late childhood years was also the beginning of his delving into studies.

Teen Age: Adiv was commonly singled out for his strong interest in reading and studying. He would spend most of his days outside his home reading a book until nightfall came, and even then, it wasn't uncommon for him to remain outside beyond that time to keep reading. His father and he fell out somewhat due to this, and during his mid teen years, his father would restrict his reading time in order to ensure they spent enough time together.

Adult Age: Adiv moved from his father's house and to his own house to lift the restriction of his reading time. In the beginning, he barely took care of himself. Shower, eat, read until nightfall, sleep. It raised the eyebrows of neighbors, who followed his father's footsteps and scolded him on not caring for himself. After accidentally starving himself to near death, Adiv woke up and began taking care of himself. Currently, he seems to always have at least two books on his person.

Morality: Adiv thinks himself to have good morals, but some of the things he does makes others think otherwise. He doesn't mind hurting people to get what he wants, but he would never go overboard with it.


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