Species: Humans

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Species: Humans

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Name of Species: Humans or Men.

The Almar, The Six good gods, decided to create a third species to bring them glory and to interact with the rest of the realm.

Humans reproduce sexualy, and quite often having up to two children a year, with the exception of triplets and so on. Humans have no special mating rituals, besides courtship and marriage.

Humans are the most diverse in appearances, going from the southern most humans who's skin is dark and hair to match, or the fairer humans to the northern region of Filindir. Humans can appear as almost anything, so long as its human.

Human culture, to say the least is the most forgiving and kind of the cultures, focused highly on religion, morals, and chivalry. They are ruled by a King or queen, and have the same Political settup as the Elves. King/Queen, Duke/Dutchess, Count/ess, Lord/Lady, Earl/ess. Human culture is focused on the Goodness of aiding others, and serving the divine and while they may take this to the extreme, it helps them in many places to differ from other species.

Humans can't practice magic but are extremely diverse in their skills, being able to do or practice anything they set their mind to. Few humans can practice magic, and when they do its devestating, and they usualy don't live long.

Closed mindedness. Magicly unable, except in rare cases. Basic human weaknesses.


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