Species: Elf or Elves.

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Species: Elf or Elves.

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Name of Species: Elf or Elves.

The Almar, The Six good gods, decided to create a second sopecies to bring them glory and to interact with the rest of the realm.

elves reproduce sexualy, but very seldom as the Elven body is only capable of having one child per 100 years. This is balanced out by the fact that elves are immortal. They reach adulthood at 180, and don't age again until they turn 20,000 at which they look to be in early to mid twenties. At 30k, early to mid thirties, and so on until they reach 60K. An elf living past 6k is very rare.

Elves are tall creatures, with six foot being the shortest height, and eight being the tallest. They are usualy slim, slender or extremly fit. Never too bulky or large, the elves tend to retain their slim shape no matter their muscle mass. Elves hair is usualy in bright hues of blondes, silvers, whites, golds, and in rare cases browns and reds. Eyes colors are any natural color, with the addition of lilac, red, gold, silver, and amber.
Elven culture is cutthroat and highly organized. The rules of politics are extremely tight and tense. The Elves are ruled by a King or Queen with a Duke/Dutchesses ruling one of the three regions, and Count/esses ruling cities and the villages around them. Lords/Ladies rule the minor villages. Earl/esses, rule nothing but are noble. The point of elven culture is appearance, and appeal. Fineries, niceties, and manners. Beauty, elegance and grace. Elves pride themselves on their musicians, artist, sculpters, masons, and other creators.

Elves are the ONLY species with the ability to use natural mana and magic through out the whole species, and can cast Sorceries with much better ease. Elves are renowkned for their Sorcerers and Wizards, hardly ever relying on physical strength and brute force. Due to their natural ability to use magic, they have seemingly forgotten the art of Witchcraft though.

Elves are frail, slim, and usualy very cowardly. Elves have a nigh-omnipresent hatred for all species and races besides them selves. Elves make poor warriors, and close-ranged combatants. Arrogant AF.


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