Creation of the Realm.

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Creation of the Realm.

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:21 pm

In the beginning there was none but the Twelve. The Twelve, are a group of deities consisting of, you guessed it, twelve. In the beginning there was nothing but them. Then the God of Light, decided to create the Sun and ask the other Gods if they desired to help him create life and a planet. His wife, the Goddess of the Moons, and Death aided in the construction of the moons. A Goddess gave them space and area to make the Planet, and she was the Goddess of the Skies, and Air. A god, grew plants and made animals from clay and gave them life from the Sun God, and he was the God of Nature, and his brother become the God of Waters. The Sun God had a mistress at one time, the Goddess of Fires, and Passions, she brought more light to the sun, and created fires on the world. These Gods together, made the races of Elves, and Men. The Elves were given domain over the Northern part of the main continent, Amoria. The Humans were given the south, and then the Gods who did not make the world, decided to make a race of their own. The Orcs, and they placed them in the South-east, to contest the humans in the South-West. The Gods made the North, a land of thick forest, and wood-lands, covered with a few rare fields and plains. The South-west is full of plains, fields, rolling hills and grasslands with few woodlands. The south-east is primarily mountains. The Gods that contributed to the creation of the world, are worshipped by Men, and Elves, but in different ways. The Orcs worship the "Dark" God of Domination. This is the creation, and it has been 1000 years since...the rest is up to you.


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